Weekly mowing

Our mowing service will be completed with a 2-man team on a weekly basis.  

Services will be finished in a timely manner to avoid noise disturbances to your neighbors and household. All turf areas will be meticulously cared for to maintain your lawn’s health and appearance. Services will be adjusted as needed as the hot seasons move into the growing season. Our team will ensure that all edges are trimmed at the correct height. Turf areas will be mowed with the appropriate machines and techniques to minimize damages to your lawn. Our team members pride themselves on the final product and customer satisfaction so your lawn will always look appealing post visit with a clean pattern. A final cleaning of all clippings and clumps (if any) will be completed along with a blowing of any cobwebs on the traffic areas of your homes siding and entryways with each visit. 

Please Note: We would appreciate the yard to be cleared of any toys, hazards, or pet droppings. Our service visits will occur on the same day at the same time each week. Please ensure any locked gates are unlocked prior to your service visit as a follow up visit may be hard to schedule in. 
If you would like to learn more about our process, visit our blogs as we discuss the proper processes there along with its benefits. 
Any weather-related delays will be notified to the customer via email.  
Whether your needs focus on commercial or residential we can help 

Spring Cleanup

As the lawns dry out after the winter thaw, we begin our spring service. Our cleanup service will be completed with a 2–3-man team. We will begin with a light shaping of all small to medium sized shrubs along with dead heading and pulling any perennials from the previous season. This will be done before beginning a thorough blowout of all landscape beds and hard surface turf edges including shrub root bases for leaves and worked in debris. Following this part of the process we will begin vacuuming all turf areas along with the first season’s mowing. We do not leave any debris behind as we work all the fine debris from the entire lawns thatch layer by using powerful blowers along with the bagging machine leaving a clean slate for your lawn to grow in. Any tiny twigs, acorns or worked in leaves will be agitated to ensure they are removed. We make sure of this by including a light thatching of the lawn with each cleanup. If a more rigorous dethatching is desired, please let us know as there is a small premium for the service.  

Please note: Our dethatching service is also offered on a standalone basis if that is all that interests you. 

FALL Cleanup

As we approach the close of summer season, we plan our fall cleanings. Our fall cleaning service will be completed with a 2–3-man team to ensure the job gets done correctly. Our Service will begin with a thorough blowing of all landscape beds and turf areas along with all sticks and branches removed before our vacuuming systems work the turf areas. Our team members work alongside our bagging machine to ensure all debris is removed from the lawn. We will not mow over debris without agitating the turf areas beforehand. As you may notice the mower only picks up so much so working alongside it is important as blowing debris helps get more of the contaminants out which results in more room for your lawn to grow in and thrive. All debris will be loaded and hauled from the property before our team moves onto the next scheduled job. 
Please Note: We try to avoid removing perennials with the fall cleanup as some plants are still in the process of going dormant for the winter months. If there are larger bushes that need to be trimmed with the cleanup those will be estimated separately from the cleanup. 

Specialty Turf Care

Bluegrass offers special turf services which include Spring Dethatching and Fall Core-aeration (with or without post service overseeding). This service helps establish a healthy lawn at the root. Breaking up soil and removing thatch (dead grass and debris) with our dethatching service. While core Aeration helps loosen up your compacted soil to help air and nutrients reach your lawn’s root layer. Whether these services are done stand alone or together within a season, it’ll guarantee a nice full lawn if done correctly .Our process is thorough and meticulous to ensure all areas of your lawn are taken care of without causing damage to your turf.

Fertilizer & Weed Control Programs

Our lawn treatment packages begin with an overlook of your lawn to get an idea of what we’ll need to focus on. We adjust our products based on your lawns needs to ensure the most value to our customers. As a standard, we alternate from fertilizer and weed control as the season moves. This makes sure the lawn is getting the nutrients it needs along with eliminating weeds to give the lawn the space to grow in thick and evenly. Weeds tarnish the lawn’s potential, so it’s important that the applications are planned to get the best results. We begin our first application of 5 with a crabgrass pre-emergent. This ensures that the crabgrass is taken care of til season close. It also includes a fertilizer product, so your lawn is getting nutrients as soon as the lawns start to spring up. Following this application, we will alternate month to month between a broadleaf herbicide and a dry slow-release granular fertilizer. 

Please note: Our weekly mowing customers who receive monthly lawn treatments will also receive spot treatments in between applications with each mowing visit to ensure all weeds stay at bay. 

Commercial Snow Removal & Ice Control

We offer commercial snow removal and ice control services. Our process is thorough, reliable, and consistent. We are equipped to handle any size property. 
Snow Removal Service Areas Include 
– Burnsville Snow Removal 
– Eagan Snow Removal 
– Apple Valley Snow Removal

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